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Modifications normally come in in stages 1,2 or 3. Tuning companies normally refer to their upgrades in this manner.

On modern cars Stage 1 is normally lited to and ECU remap.

Stage 2 will require other modifications as well as a remap. This stage is normally for very fast road use and not recommended

for normal road use.

Stage 3 will be virtually undriveable on normal roads by the average driver. This stage entails extensive engine modifications

So stage 1 is where we are at. However we remap depending on what you require from your vehicle. The majority of our services are aimed at economy. The remap will give you more power and more torque but the main difference between performance remapping and economy remapping is where in the engine rev range the power and torque gains are felt.

We only offer stage one tuning as it only alters the ECU parameters but stays within manufactures tolerances hence not affecting the vehicles reliability.

Tel: 07415092245

Carterton Oxford.


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